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Yvonne Fuchs: The Branding Workshop

The Branding

Read more about Yvonne's strategic branding and business advice for business owners and social enterprises.

Yvonne Fuchs: The Art of Knowing Yourself

The Art of Knowing

Learn to bring calm and creativity into your life with Yvonne, an experienced teacher and mindfulness practitioner.

Yvonne Fuchs: Creative Practice

Creative Practice

An insight into Yvonne's personal practice of over 40 years as a painter, sculptor and installation artist.

Yvonne Fuchs & Shamash Alidina: Zen of Business

Zen of

Cofounder of the zenofbusiness with Shamash Alidina. Inspiring you to transform your business and it's culture with more awareness, kindness and wisdom.

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What's the difference that makes the difference

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'The book has been our go to guide whilst bringing our business idea to reality. Clearly written, strategic advice applicable to any brand!'
Tiba & Marl (on Twitter)

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The Art of Knowing Yourself

star icon ... unleash your hidden creativity

'A wonderful and practical way to bring art to life and life to art in a way that enriches both'
Dina Glouberman
Author & founder of Skyros Holidays

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